Cleary And Logan Square

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Cleary Square and Logan Square, Hyde Park, MA


Located at the southernmost edge of Boston, Hyde Park was the last independent town to be merged with Boston in 1912. Cleary and Logan Squares are remarkable in the way that they evoke the feeling of a small town center. Focused at the intersection of River Street, Fairmount Avenue, and Hyde Park Avenue, the district is a mix of civic buildings, commercial structures, houses of worship, historic theaters, and noteworthy 19th-century residences. Hyde Park Main Streets has completed a number of attractive storefront improvements over the years, particularly in the center of the district.


HBI acquired the historic Vertullo Building at 74-84 Fairmount Avenue from Carmela Vertullo Pearce and completed its exterior rehabilitation in 2015. Today the Vertullo Building is home to 5 new businesses and 4 residences. To find out more information click here.


HBI also worked with the property owner at 11 Fairmount Avenue to re-create and install the original “Everett Square Theatre” sign that once hung over the entry to the 1911 vaudeville theater and moving picture house. HBI and owner, Patricia Tierney, restored and re-opened the theater’s boarded up foyer to create an elegant space for temporary art installations, displays, and events that will help revive awareness of the theater and build support for its eventual rehabilitation.


In the course of its work in Hyde Park, HBI completed extensive research into the evolution of Cleary and Logan Squares from 1868 to the present, and developed a thorough understanding of the opportunities for preservation focused rehabilitation and development projects there. HBI was chosen by the Boston Redevelopment Authority as part of the consultant team that created a strategic plan and revised zoning code for Hyde Park. HBI identified several areas that should be, and were, designated as Neighborhood Design Overlay Districts as a tool to help manage rehabilitation and development projects in ways that protects the historic character of the neighborhood.

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