Rose Law Partners joins HBI Corporate Support Program

Rose Law Partners joins HBI Corporate Support Program

Sammy Nabulsi, a partner at Rose Law Partners LLP, once worked in the City of Boston’s Law Department and represented the Boston Landmarks Commission and Boston’s other historic district commissions.

“I think the city and the folks on those commissions do a really wonderful job of promoting preservation in a way that moves and evolves with the times,” said Nabulsi.  “They promote historic preservation and building energy performance and efficiency, and at the same time also advance economic development and strong main streets.

Nabulsi — who grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and came to Boston for law school and never left – became aware of Historic Boston’s  work from his time in City Hall. “When I was advising the Landmarks Commission, we joined the community in their concern about the future of St. James African Orthodox Church in Roxbury,  a really important historic building,” said Nabulsi.  “HBI was uniquely positioned to save that property, advising the City on options for protecting the structure from impending demolition and ultimately acquiring it.” “When I left the City,” Nabulsi recalled, “I wanted to stay connected to that work.”

That goal led to a spot on the HBI Board of Directors for Nabulsi, and prompted his firm, The Rose Law Partners, to become a corporate supporter of HBI in 2021.   “I became a Partner here in September of 2021,” Nabulsi said. “Supporting HBI’s work aligns with  The Rose Law Partners interest in land use and development at both the public and private levels. It wasn’t hard to see the connection.”

Rose Law Partners is the newest member of HBI’s Corporate Support Program, a five-year-old effort to attract funding and in-kind support to the organization from business partners whose work is allied with the kind of work HBI is involved with: construction, real estate, engineering, architecture and law.

Annual company contributions to HBI support the non-profit’s mission: “Builder” level supporters give $5,000 annually, “Architect” level contribute $2,500, “Engineer” level $1,000, and “Mason” level $500. HBI has about 20 loyal corporate supporters.

Besides the satisfaction of seeing Boston’s at-risk historic buildings preserved and put to good new uses, the program provides affiliate marketing to its supporters.  Logos appear on print and electronic newsletters and on construction signage during project development.  The Rose Law Firm’s logo currently appears on a banner at the Upham’s Corner Comfort Station, which is being restored for Comfort Kitchen, a new café and restaurant, to open in September.

Corporate donations constitute about eight percent of HBI’s budget.

“We are very grateful for this kind of affiliation and generosity,” said Kottaridis. “Sammy is a wonderful Board member whose firm also understands the connection between their practice and the good that comes from charitable giving.”

Rose Law Partners was founded in downtown Boston in 1997 by the father and son team, Alan Rose and Alan Rose Jr.    Although a firm of only nine people, it has built a reputation in business and commercial litigation, college and university law, defense of government investigations and prosecutions and employment law and litigation

Nabulsi, who is building the firm’s growing practice in land use, real estate and environmental law, sees the lik between HBI and his work.

“I’m very lucky to work for a firm that wants to give back.  HBI’s work makes our city stronger and more successful, and that’s what we want too.”


To learn more about HBI’s Corporate Support Program, visit or call Kathy Kottaridis at 617-442-1859.