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For 62 years, HBI’s strategic and transformative investments in some of Boston’s most important historic buildings have stimulated investment by others and helped develop strong and vibrant urban neighborhoods. HBI’s mission to strengthen Boston’s neighborhoods through historic preservation has never been more important. Your generosity and support helps HBI meet the challenges ahead and preserve the rich character of Boston for generations to come.

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Historic Boston Inc. gratefully acknowledges the support of this year’s donors whose contributions exemplify the generous spirit of this city.

The 1772 Foundation

Molly Allyson

James Alexander

Frederick Ames

David and Sukie Amory

Anderson & Krieger LLP

Brian Awe

Ronald and Emily Axelrod

Katherine L. Babson Jr.

Brian Back

Wayne Beitler

Alan Benenfeld

Barbara and Carl Berke

Christopher Binns

David Black

Barbara Boylan

Justin “Bing” Broderick

Judith Butler

Richard Candee

Thomas Cohan

Hilary Crasco

Valecia Crisafulli

Karilyn Crockett

Caitlin Cusack

Dennis Davis

Elizabeth and Dennis DeWitt


Leslie Donovan

Christopher Dore

Robert Dorfman

Constance Doty

Elizabeth Doyle

Ronald M. Druker

The Honorable and Mrs. Michael Dukakis

Michael Durand

Eastern Bank

Jon and Wendy Ellertson

Mark Favermann

Michael Feldman

Marilyn Fenollosa

Diane Franklin

Sarah Freeman

Gregory Fund

Greg Galer

Andrea and David Gilmore

Susan Goganian

Celia Grant

Michael Grossman

Johanna Gurland

David Hacin

Haley & Aldrich

Hancock Survey Company

Cynthia Strauss and Harry Sherr

David Hart

Richard Heath

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

James Hughes

Judith Hurley

Joseph and Ana Impellizeri

Marilyn B. Jackson

Kyle Ingrid Johnson

Elizabeth B. Johnson

DeWitt Jones

Dakota Jones

Thomas Joyce and Pam Bailey

Nancy and Steven Kellerman

Lee Michael Kennedy

Lee Kennedy Company

Matthew Kiefer and Nancy Porter

Jonathan Klavens

Barbara Knecht

Matthew Knox

James Labeck

James Lawton

Rebecca A. Lee

David Lee

Ronald Lee Fleming

The Life Initiative

Jean Lightman

Erica Lindamood

Ellen Lipsey

Derek Lumpkins

Jamie MacNeil

Kathleen MacNeil

Dave Madan

Peter Madsen

Maloney Properties

Barbara Mann

Jeanie Mattila

Judith McDonough

Paul McDonough

Eileen McMahon

James McQueen

Bill Walczak and Meg Campbell

Keith Morgan

Emily and Henry Moss

Sammy Nabulsi

Jenny Nathans

John Neale

Samantha Nelson

NER Construction

Jeffrey Newton

Wendy Nicholas Dorsey

North Bay Construction Company

Nancy P. Osgood

Carolyn and Robert Osteen

Julie Paul Brown

Susan Pranger

John A. Quatrale

Mary Rafferty

Christopher Rediehs

Robert Rettig

Javier Rivera

Robert and Patricia Rivers

David Rockwell

Liza Rodman

Rose Law Partners

Robert and Vicky Rugo

The Honorable Byron Rushing

Nick Russo

Charles Sawyer and Barrett Brown

Carole Schlessinger

Douglas Shaheen

Candelaria Silva-Collins

Jeffrey Sladen

Peter Smith and Catherine Dickey

Kennedy Smith

Stanley Smith

Mary Smoyer

Lynne Spencer

John Spurr Jr.

Sandra Steele

Suffolk Construction

Charles Sullivan and Susan Maycock

Ben and Kate Taylor

Judy Teitelman

Pat Tietbohl and Doug Romich

Patricia Tierney

Susan Tracey

Peter Vanderwarker

John Wathne

Jay Wickersham

Brooke Woodson

Kamran Zahedi

Sarah J. Zimmerman