Preservation Easements

Historic Boston Incorporated takes a broad approach to historic preservation that includes managing preservation restrictions on historically or culturally significant buildings in the city of Boston.

Under these easements, property owners receive tax benefits in exchange for preserving certain aspects of the exterior of their buildings into perpetuity. The owners donate a portion of their property rights to HBI, which then ensure that the buildings are appropriately maintained. HBI gives priority to easements on commercial properties but will also accept donations of appropriate residential properties.


Historic Boston also places easements on many of the projects it has developed in order to steward the future of its investments and maintain relationships with future owners.

Historic Boston annually inspects the properties for which it holds easements. Property owners must submit written requests to HBI before making improvements to protected features. Staff will review proposals and provide guidance. All work must be conducted according to The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties? and any other applicable state, local, or federal standards for construction or rehabilitation of historic resources.

If you are interested in donating a conservation easement to HBI, please contact Kathy Kottaridis at 617-442-1859 X2