A Festive Roxtober in in Dudley Square

A Festive Roxtober in in Dudley Square

Mr. E. Barry Gaither and  Ms. Dayenne Walters Smith reading
poetry in the Eliot Burial Ground for Roxtoberfest.

Last week was a big week in Dudley Square. Here is a quick recap of some of the festive events.

 Last week, October 2-8, Roxbury celebrated Roxtoberfest! Roxtoberfest is a restaurant and cultural week organized by Discover Roxbury. HBI worked with the National Museum of African American Art to sponsor a tour through the historic Eliot Burial Ground. This was only one of many events that took place last week, as part of Roxtoberfest. However, we were so pleased with how it went, we hope to make it an annual production.

Last Friday, October 5, a small group gathered in the Eliot Burial Ground to get to know the space, and to experience a series of poetic readings by E. Barry Gaither and Dayenne Walters Smith. The readings were also accompanied by musical performances by Judge Milton Wright Jr., accomplished local musician and his son and grand son. The readings were chosen by Mr. Gaither and Ms. Smith, and dealt with changing perspectives on death. It was a truly beautiful event held on a beautiful fall day. We are looking forward to many more events like this in the Eliot Burial Ground. The Burial Ground is the home of many of Roxbury’s early settlers, as well as some famous historical figures, and it is an important piece of the Roxbury landscape. 

As if that were not enough, The Common Thread Coalition put on another fantastic event in Dudley Square on October 8th, as well. Madison Park Community Development Corp. hosted this event, which is the latest installment in Common Thread’s monthly community activity calendar. This one was a free outdoor concert of Ethiopian dance and song, by Fendika. A big crowd showed up for the show, and to enjoy the international food and craft vendors set up as part of the celebration. By all accounts it was a wonderful show and big success.

The next Common Thread event will be hosted by HBI in the Eliot Burial Ground on November 10th. Mark your calendars!

Click here to see videos taken at the performance.

Judge Milton Wright Jr. and his son performing “O Death”.