A Festive Season at the Old Corner Bookstore!

A Festive Season at the Old Corner Bookstore!

It’s a merrier and brighter season around the Old Corner Bookstore this year. The building’s newest tenant, Old Corner Christmas, is open for its very first holiday season, and the shop is drawing locals and visitors shopping for holiday gifts and decorations!

You might think there’s something a bit familiar about the shop’s name. The maroon and gold design pays homage to the Old Corner Bookstore as the place where a beloved literary classic was first published in the U.S. by the building’s famed mid-19th century publishers, Ticknor and Fields.


That classic is, of course, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. James T. Fields’ arranged for Dickens to visit Boston in 1867 to give the first public reading of A Christmas Carol in America. The popularity of the novel contributed significantly to the ways Bostonians thought about and celebrated Christmas, which had once been outlawed in Puritan Boston before it made a comeback in the city in the 19th century.

Old Corner Christmas is run by Boston Trails Gifts & Co., which is owned and operated by New York based N&F Global Corporation which has festive shops scattered along the east and west coasts including Boston’s Faneuil Hall, Times Square New York, Hollywood California, San Francisco’s Pier 39, and Miami’s Bayside Marketplace. Yet no location feels more fitting for a Christmas shop than Boston’s historic Old Corner Bookstore. 

You can read a Christmas Carol here: