Boston Voters: It’s YES for a Better Boston on Question 5

Boston Voters: It’s YES for a Better Boston on Question 5

If you are a voter in the City of Boston, there will be weighty decisions for you at both ends of the November ballot. HBI asks you to pay special attention to Ballot Question #5 and vote Yes for the Community Preservation Act (CPA).

Since CPA was authorized by the Massachusetts legislature in 2000, it has been adopted by 161 cities and towns in the Commonwealth, each of which is using a modest surcharge on its property taxes to specifically fund historic preservation projects, expansion of affordable housing, open space acquisitions for conservation and recreation, and creation and improvement of parks and playgrounds.

In Boston, the proposal for your consideration is a small surcharge of 1% on property tax bills which, for the average Boston homeowner, amounts to just $24 a year. There are exemptions for low-income homeowners, low-and-moderate-income senior homeowners, and for the first $100,000 of residential and business property value.

The best part is that the funds generated for these specific uses will be matched by the Commonwealth. For 15 years Boston has forgone many tens of millions of dollars in funding matches from the State by not having CPA in place. Altogether, CPA in Boston is expected to generate $20 million annually, funding that will be directed toward expanding housing, preserving the important places that matter to Bostonians, and enhancing our parks and creating new ones.

At least 10% of the annual raise must be devoted to each of CPA’s areas of focus. That means that at least $2 million of the annual CPA raise will be directed to historic preservation projects that, along with all other eligible projects, are reviewed and approved by a Community Preservation Committee whose members will be appointed by Mayor Martin Walsh and the Boston City Council.

We support CPA because funds generated go directly to three areas important to Bostonian’s quality of life and underscore their collective importance to strengthening our city’s neighborhoods. Passing CPA will bolster investment and provide a steady stream of financial support for affordable housing, historic preservation and open space.

What can you do?

  1. Vote YES on Question 5 in Boston and encourage your friends and neighbors to join you.
  2. Learn more at and talk it up with your fellow voters.
  3. Volunteer to help on this ballot measure on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th, by working the polls on behalf of CPA.


CPA has been wildly successful in the cities and towns in which it has been adopted and implemented. Make sure you follow a very long ballot to Ballot Question #5 on November 8th and please mark YES!