Bricks, Mortar, and Memory at Fenway Park

Bricks, Mortar, and Memory at Fenway Park


HBI went to Fenway Park?s EMC club recently to help launch the Red Sox organization?s 2012 celebration of Fenway Park?s 100th anniversary. No other baseball park exudes the rich tradition of America?s Favorite Pastime or better embodies the exultations and heartbreaks of the sport. Bostonians are very fortunate to have a beloved, original, urban baseball park filled with our collective hopes and dreams.


Red Sox by Boston Public Library
Circa 1934 photo courtesy
of Boston Public Library

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So, as a preservation organization that rehabs historic buildings, Historic Boston Inc. is delighted to put the spotlight on the enormous investment the Boston Red Sox have made in Fenway Park over the last 10 years. They did the miraculous ? restored the historic elements of the building, expanded facilities and seating, all without disrupting a season. Not only do we have the historic, beautiful and intimate Fenway Park with its Green Monster; we have one of the most modern, economically efficient ballparks in the world. The Red Sox exemplified the best of historic preservation while making this great gathering place home to two (hopefully three) world championship teams.

Make sure you visit the ballpark’s 100 year anniversary website to learn about the upcoming year of celebrations. You can share memories and learn about the many highlights of things that have taken place at Fenway Park (and don?t think it?s just baseball!) You can also get a little of your own bricks and mortar by participating in the Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Brick Program where you can purchase a commemorative brick that will be engraved with your own personal message to be placed at Gate B or C.

HBI works to preserve at-risk historic buildings in Boston?s neighborhoods because they mean so much to community character, economic development and residents? sense of place. Ten years ago, preservationists rallied to ?Save Fenway Park? when the ballpark was threatened with complete redevelopment. Thankfully, more creative heads prevailed and today?s Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park represent the best of preservation alchemy ? bricks, mortar, and memory.