Construction steps up at St. Luke’s Chapel in Roxbury

Construction steps up at St. Luke’s Chapel in Roxbury

The tiny chapel of St. Luke on the campus of St. John St. James Church in Roxbury finally secured a building permit on May 31st for the interior’s complete rehabilitation.

The nearly $1 million scope of work is being undertaken by the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and aims to reposition the small chapel for worship and public meetings and events.  Current work includes expansion of chapel to include a full basement that supports meeting spaces and public amenities.  The 1000-square-foot building’s basement level is being excavated for a new mechanical room, bathrooms, kitchenette and meeting space, as well as stairways and a lift between the ground floor and basement level.  Excavation is underway and forms for concrete walls and foundation for the mechanical room have been erected.

Lumber is also on site for new framing of the ground floor level of the chapel which will include insertion of steel to support the first floor and chapel space below.  Decorative sculpture, railings and furniture, particularly the wood carved reredos by Johannes Kirchmayer, will be removed and for restoration by conservators Christine Thompson and Wenda Kochanowski.

Looking ahead, the design and construction team, led by Lynne Spencer and Doug Manley of Spencer Preservation Group, and general contractor Gerard O’Doherty, will also complete restoration of the clear leaded glass windows.

Over the next several months, we’ll report on more activity at St. Lukes.  Follow us here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for updates.