Landscaping and Farm Construction Resumes at Fowler Clark Epstein Farm

Landscaping and Farm Construction Resumes at Fowler Clark Epstein Farm

Winter is finally over! The snow has disappeared and been replaced with plenty of mud at the Fowler Clark Epstein Farm. The return of spring has brought the return of David Hurst and his landscaping crew to complete the transformation of the formerly overgrown yard into a lush and productive urban farm. Over the next few months, Hurst will complete the front and rear driveways along with a small parking area in the rear, coordinate installation of site lighting with our electrician, complete remaining paths, walkways, and gathering areas, install perimeter fencing around the entire property, and most importantly, build the planting beds and install fruit trees and productive shrubs. More updates to come as the site takes shape and evolves into a lush, urban oasis.


The first order of business was re-grading the site, then installing beautiful
big granite steps into the gathering space to the left of the barn.

Then pavers were laid, first at the rolling door entrance to the barn

and then at the Norfolk Street driveway entrance.

Pathways to the future planting beds are now laid out and the curved
front driveway has begun to take shape with compaction of the soil.

The rear yard has been graded and compacted to prepare for a driveway and small
parking area, a tool shed, planting beds, and raised planters that will be handicapped accessible.