Look Again! The Old Corner Bookstore in AR Nov. 3rd and 4th at Illuminus!

Look Again! The Old Corner Bookstore in AR Nov. 3rd and 4th at Illuminus!

The Old Corner Bookstore in Augmented Reality is one of 10 contemporary art installations to be featured in Downtown Boston’s 2017  Illuminus contemporary art and light festival between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m on Friday November 3rd and Saturday November 4th.

“The O.C.B.” is the work of artists Ethan Vogt, Giovanna Casimiro and a technical team assembled by Dudley Square Studios to create an Augmented Reality (A.R.) invention that reveals the Old Corner Bookstore’s past and envisions its future.

Over its 300 year history, the Old Corner Bookstore has been home to commercial ventures ranging from world-famous publishers to 5-cent pizza shops, reflecting the varied and diverse history of Boston itself.  From this corner at Washington Street and School Street, the Old Corner Bookstore witnessed the birth of the American Revolution in the 1770’s, ushered in a gold-age of American literature in the 1850’s, and narrowly escaped Urban Renewal movement of the 1960’s.

In anticipation of the Old Corner Bookstore’s 300th anniversary year in 2018, HBI is developing a series of strategies aimed at re-acquainting the public with the rich history of the building – perhaps the oldest remaining commercial structure in downtown Boston.

HBI is launching the AR installation at the Illuminus festival but will continue to be available throughout 2018.  Bring your smart phone or tablet and come see it for yourself!