Old Buildings, New Businesses

Old Buildings, New Businesses

To HBI, a preserved building has the potential to be the launch pad for a new business where there was once an abandoned or underutilized historic building. Or it might become a place where a family can build a home. When a historic building is revitalized, it contributes positively to the neighborhood almost immediately.

HBI’s mission to find sustainable uses for historic buildings connects us with Boston residents and entrepreneurs who have small businesses in all realms, from food service to health and wellness. In 2019, we welcome new tenants who work to grow their businesses in neighborhoods around Boston:


 Vertullo Building, 1868, Hyde Park, MA

  • Boston Acupuncture Project – Boston Acupuncture Project, Inc. builds community by providing widely accessible and affordable acupuncture in a community (group) setting, as well as other forms of holistic health care, creating a place of rest, refuge, and rejuvenation. By offering relief from pain, stress, and isolation, we contribute to the well-being of individual people, and the strength of our community as a whole

Old Corner Book Store, 1718, Boston, MA

  • Raising A Reader engages caregivers in a routine of book sharing with their children from infancy through age eight to foster healthy brain development, healthy relationships, a love of reading, and the literacy skills critical for school success.


Welcome and success to our new partners!