Everett Square Theater

About This Project

Everett Square Theater, 1915, Hyde Park, MA


According to 1915 building department records, the Everett Square Theatre was built as a moving picture house. It also hosted live vaudeville, musical, and other performances. In fact, comic actor Milton Berle’s signature on a backstage wall after his performance there on May 29, 1925 remains today. A slow decline of the theater space throughout the 20th century culminated with its closing in the mid 1980s, and its interior condition has continued to deteriorate since then.


HBI worked with the theater owner to re-create and install the original “Everett Square Theatre” sign that once hung over the entry, and restored and re-opened the theater’s boarded up foyer to create space for temporary art installations, displays, and events that will help revive awareness of the theater space and build support for its eventual rehabilitation.

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