Zakrzewska Medical Building,

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Zakrzewska Medical Building, 1872, Roxbury, MA


The Zakrzewska Medical Building was constructed in 1872 as the New England Hospital for Women and Children. It was the first hospital in New England to be run by women doctors.


HBI raised $562,000 in grants towards a $2,000,000 rehabilitation project of the decorative Victorian structure. HBI also attracted a $300,000 equity investment by the Boston Globe as a limited partner in a specially arranged development entity for the project. On behalf of Dimock Community Health Center, HBI obtained permanent financing from the Massachusetts Thrift Fund, lent $200,000 as a 2nd mortgage, and managed Partnership?s business affairs until the February 1999 buyout by Dimock, which returned all loaned and invested monies to HBI.

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