Save The Date

Save The Date

Did you know?

In 1836, Alvah Kittredge, a prominent local businessman, a deacon in Roxbury Congregational Church, and one of Roxbury’s five elected aldermen built a house on the site of the Revolutionary Roxbury Lower Fort.

Also that year:

  •  The territory of Wisconsin was created.
  • The Battle of the Alamo took place.
  • Arkansas became the 25th state admitted into the United States of America.
  • The city of Houston Texas was founded.
  • Martin Van Buren became president of the United States, defeating William Henry Harrison.
  • American painter Winslow Homer was born in Boston, Mass.
  • Charles Darwin completed his voyage aboard the HMS Beagle, a trip that shaped his theories on evolution.

Join us to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Alvah Kittredge House and be a part of our history in a community photo. Refreshments will be served. Get more information and directions