The Spirit of Recent Giving

The Spirit of Recent Giving

HBI is very grateful for new charitable donations to its projects at the Fowler Clark Epstein Farm in Mattapan and the Upham’s Corner Comfort Station in Dorchester. The generosity of these Boston-based foundations has been a further boost to project planning this fall with a goal of starting on both projects in 2016:

Anonymous- $100,000

George B. Henderson- $40,000

The Clipper Ship Foundation- $10,000

Pierce Charitable Trust- $25,000

Paul and Edith Babson Foundation- $7,500

At the Fowler Clark Epstein Farm, the partnership of Historic Boston Inc., Urban Farming Institute of Boston, The Trust for Public Land, and North Bennet Street School, expects to begin construction on the $3.2 million project in the spring of 2016. With these public and charitable contributions, commitments total $654,000 of the $1.5 million goal necessary to complete the project.

At the Upham’s Corner Comfort Station, HBI has recently completed a $400,000 fundraising effort for that project which is

All donations to HBI – large and small – matter in these efforts and to the organization’s efforts to do more through Boston’s neighborhoods. To support the Fowler Clark Epstein Farm’s rehabilitation, click here or visit to take advantage of year-end tax deductible giving.

Thank you to our very generous friends and civic supporters. And thank YOU for your support throughout the year!