Women Making History: Lisa Lewis leads HBI’s Preservation Projects

Women Making History: Lisa Lewis leads HBI’s Preservation Projects

As Women’s History Month unfolds, we direct the spotlight to one woman whose work has preserved many historic buildings right here at Historic Boston Inc. (HBI).  Over the last 15 years, Lisa Lewis, HBI’s Senior Project Manager has played a pivotal role in the conservation of Boston’s architectural heritage through deft management of complex redevelopment projects that are now thriving assets in their respective neighborhoods. 

A Milton native who now resides in Jamaica Plain, Lisa has been at the forefront of HBI’s preservation projects, overseeing the construction and rehabilitation of landmark buildings across the city. Her portfolio includes HBI’s heralded achievements at the 1859 Eustis Street Fire House in Nubian Square, the 1834 Alvah Kittredge House in Roxbury, the 1875 Hayden Building in Chinatown,  the 1786 Fowler Clark Epstein Farm in Mattapan, and the 1912 Upham’s Corner Comfort Station in Dorchester. Under Lisa’s management, these structures have not only been saved from deterioration but also transformed into vibrant community assets.

Before her tenure at HBI, Lisa honed her project management skills at Keen Development, where she was instrumental in steering various rehabilitation projects to completion. She later brought her expertise to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, overseeing construction on new and renovated clubs throughout Boston’s neighborhoods. Her work has been characterized by a deep commitment to community development and a keen understanding of the significance of historic preservation in a changing city.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Lisa’s achievements underscore the critical role women play in shaping our urban landscapes. Her dedication to preserving Boston’s heritage highlights the importance of female leadership in traditionally male-dominated fields, inspiring a new generation of women to pursue careers in architecture, construction, and preservation.

As Boston continues to evolve, the work of individuals like Lisa ensures that the historical integrity of our city’s neighborhoods remains intact. This Women’s History Month, we celebrate Lisa Lewis and the indelible marks she is leaving throughout historic Boston.