St. George Cathedral

About This Project

St. George Cathedral, 1872, South Boston, MA


Built as a Unitarian church in 1872, St. George’s Cathedral is now center of the Albanian Orthodox Church in America and its congregation is heavily involved in cultural, educational and charitable activities both in the United States and in the Balkans.


HBI awarded a Steeples Project grant to the congregation in 1997 for a comprehensive building assessment, which was followed in 1999 by a major repairs grant to address structural and masonry work on the East Broadway facade and steeple, repairs to the roof, gutters, and chimneys, and window and door restoration. Since then the congregation has performed extensive repairs to the massive roof and the areas around the clerestory windows and, in 2008, installed decorative lighting to the exterior of the building, funded in part by HBI’s Steeples Program.

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